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About us


Z Webs was born out of the idea to create dynamic and attractive websites for individuals or companies that want to present their business in a creative and effective way to customers.

Through studies conducted it was decided upon that a web development venture would be a good way to provide person with the skills possessed. This website assist person in knowing what Z Webs has to offer. Customers can get a free quotation on projects they would like to implement and also free advice on how to go about doing it.

The website caters for customer in a very special way. Our customers can register and create profiles and also communicate with each other. By becoming a registered member of Z Webs you get the opportunity of being the first to be notified when there any special offers, updates or website wide notifications.

Z Webs is not only totally geared towards web development business, we also provide entertainment options for our visitors to relax and take a load off. There’s a link to a gaining popularity radio station known as college radio. This website provides live entertainment from master DJs from different faculties of different universities. Z Webs also provides gaming opportunities so play, indulge and relax.

Users can contact the administrators of Z Webs in a number of ways. There is the contact form on the contact us page where customers can directly contact a specific administrator, registered users can communicate with each other as well as an administrator in real time whenever they are signed in. There is also the medium of the Z Webs forum. Every registered user can provide a feedback or comment within the forum where a response will be provided. The forum may not be as speedy as the other medium of contact. Also users of the site both registered and non-registered are being asked to sign our guess book. Testimonials are also welcomed from our customers.